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Top rated Hostel Management Software for Universities

Top rated Hostel Management Software for Universities

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Manipal Global Academy of BFSI
now spends 60% less time managing its campus housing
Manipal Global
Academy of BFSI

now spends 60% less time managing its campus
50% Faster Resolution of Maintenance Requests
Maintenance requests resolution time reduced from 7-10 days less than 3 days
60% Less Time Spent on Attendance
Using SpaceBasic’s Automate student
attendance offering
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Ensuring student satisfaction and creating a conducive living environment are top priorities for universities when it comes to campus housing. However, managing student accommodations can be a complex and time-consuming task. This is where the implementation of advanced hostel management software becomes indispensable.

Spacebasic provides a top comprehensive hostel management software, trusted by over 50 top universities. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation of being the go-to solution for streamlining campus housing operations. With our intelligent feature set, you can enhance productivity, automate tedious tasks, and optimize efficiency, all while ensuring an exceptional student experience.

Key features and benefits of Spacebasic's Hostel Management Software:

Do more each day, automate time-consuming tasks, and get things done with our intelligent feature set

Student Onboarding
Efficiently manage the onboarding processfor new students, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration intothe hostel community. Our software simplifies paperwork, automates data entry,and facilitates effective communication.
Room Management
Allocate rooms to students based on their preferences, requirements, and availability. Our software enables easy room assignment, ensures equitable distribution, and provides real-time updates on room occupancy and availability.
Roommate Matching
Create a harmonious living environment by facilitating roommate matching based on compatibility factors such as interests, habits, and academic pursuits. Our software enables students to find compatible roommates, fostering positive social connections.
Community Building
Promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie among hostel residents through community-building activities. Our software provides tools for organizing events, fostering collaboration, and encouraging participation.
Leave Manager
Streamline the process of managing student leaves, including short-term absences, vacations, or study breaks. Our software simplifies leave requests, approvals, and tracking, ensuring smooth hostel operations.
Daily Attendance
Effortlessly track student attendance within the hostel premises. Our software provides an easy-to-use interface for recording attendance, generating reports, and identifying patterns for improved efficiency.
Maintenance Requests
Simplify the process of submitting and managing maintenance requests. Our software enables students to report issues,tracks their status, and facilitates timely resolution, ensuring a comfortable living environment.
Inventory Tracker
Efficiently manage and track inventory, including hostel assets, supplies, and equipment. Our software provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, automates reordering, and streamlines inventory management processes.
AI-Enabled Analytics
Harness the power of artificial intelligence and analytics to gain valuable insights into your hostel operations. Our software generates comprehensive reports, identifies trends,and offers data-driven recommendations for continuous improvement.
QR Check-Ins
Enhance security and streamline check-in procedures with QR code-based check-ins. Our software allows students to easily check-in and check-out, ensuring accurate tracking of hostel occupancy.
Digital Mess
Modernize the cafeteria experience with our digital cafeteria module. Students can view menus, place orders, and make cashless payments, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
Integrated Payments
Simplify the rent collection process with integrated payment solutions. Our software allows for online rent collection, providing convenience for both students and administrators while ensuring transparency and accuracy

Spacebasic's hostel management software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows. We understand the importance of compatibility and aim to provide a frictionless implementation process. Our software is user-friendly, allowing for easy adoption and quick proficiency.

Our hostel management software solution is optimized for search engines, making it easier for prospective students to find your institution and access information about your student housing facilities. By enhancing your online presence, you can attract more students and showcase the exceptional housing experience you provide.

Our comprehensive hostel management software that simplifies operations, enhances efficiency, and improves student satisfaction, Spacebasic is the ideal choice. Trusted by over 50 top universities, we are committed to delivering a best-in-class solution that ensures your students have a comfortable and enjoyable campus life.

Experience the transformative power of Spacebasic's hostel management software and join the ranks of institutions that have revolutionized their campus housing operations. Embrace the future of campus living with our advanced software solutions and provide your students with an unparalleled experience that sets your institution apart.

All Your Data Integrated

Connect your tools, connect your teams. Your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.

Centralised Communication
Our omni-communication tool enables easy communicate with students, staff across different notification channels.
IoT Integration
Integrates with your existing IoT devices automatically.  Make data-driven decisions a habit with SpaceBasic.
Software Plug-in
Easily integrate with your current software solutions in a few clicks. It is that easy to use.

Automated campus housing on your fingertips

Powerful campus housing software right from the palm of your hand! It's perfect.

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